Why do I have to pay a fee?: 


These expeditions are not only a way for you to contribute directly to Nature Conservation, but they are also an opportunity for you to expand your photographic skills. I will be teaching  and guiding you as you photograph your surroundings, however I am charging significantly less for tuition (around 25% of my usual fee) than I do for my workshops.  The reason for this is that I have not visited the area before and thus have not been able to identify first hand the best locations to photograph. In addition, since we will be spending a lot of time exploring our surroundings, the tuition will be less intensive than it is during my workshops.  I will also be photographing myself.


As you can imagine, this initiative takes a significant amount of my time. Here is a list of some of the activities that I am engaged with:

• Contacting Nature Conservation Agencies to make them aware of our initiative and to get them to buy in so that they promise to feature our work in their publications.

• Work with the Agencies to identify which  locations would be realistically doable for our group.

• Building an expedition from the ground up can take several days. Think of the time involved in:

• The detailed examination of maps (including the way the sun and moon interacts with the landscape) in order to identify locations  which warrant photographic exploration,

• Transport logistics (how do we get to remote locations and how do we travel within them)

• Organizing accommodation

• Identifying and contacting reliable wilderness guides (necessary for particularly remote locations)

• Identifying and organizing the necessary gear such as camping and backpacking equipment.

• Permits and Insurance.


Finally, I will spend a considerable amount of my time reviewing  with the group the images we have taken and selecting those which we will submit to the Conservation Agency. In addition,  besides publication by the agency itself, I will be pushing  to disseminate our work on social media and to have it published in other media such as magazines ( although this depends on how worthwhile such a story would be for the magazines I approach).