The Nature Conservancy of Canada has established a partnership to conserve in perpetuity Quebec’s vast,~ 260 km^2, Kenauk property which boasts great forests and as many as 60 lakes! It shelters numerous species and provides a link to other important wildlife corridors in the Laurentian mountains. To read more about this partnership, please visit here. They want us to photograph this area, documenting its  beauty and fragility, and they will then use our submitted images to promote and document Kenauk! This is your opportunity to contribute directly to nature conservation, improve your photography and to see your work published!


Where:  KENAUK NATURE, MONTEBELLO, QUEBEC   See Montebello on a map here. 

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

When: October 4 – 5, 2014  (2 days)

Maximum Class Size:  6


Tuition:  $ 185 –   Why I am charging a fee.        

Accommodation:  $ 60  ( 1 night sharing, breakfast included)    

Total : $ 245 

Registration: To register, or for more information, please E-mail me at


Your Destination:

Halfway between Ottawa and Montreal, Kenauk is an area of unique nature, covered in great forests, with no fewer than 60 lakes! Thanks to its strategic location, this natural environment shelters numerous species and provides a link to other important wildlife corridors in the Laurentian mountains.  




Come and join me in photographing this newly protected area for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, right when the fall colors are peaking! Not only will your photography contribute directly to the conservation of this pristine part of the world, but you will have the chance to learn and develop your skills at photographing:

• Old-growth forests (possibly predating colonial times) and Oak Forests.

• Streams, rivers and waterfalls galore adorned with vibrant autumn colors!

• The beautiful interplay of the rising sun with mists rising off pristine lakes and wetlands. 

• The many animals that inhabit this beautiful part of the world.

• Sweeping highland vistas of Kenauk’s autmn colored forests interspersed with lakes.





Your Learning Experience: 

• Getting the technicals right to capture the full beauty of light interacting with the landscape:

1. Exposure and exposure bracketing

2. Focus, Depth of Field and Sharpness

3. Use of filters

• Previsualization and Composition for Conservation Photography 

• Developing an artistic vision • Night Photography

  • The digital darkroom: Highly effective postprocessing skills

All of this and more while you have the opportunity to contribute directly to the conservation of this area through your photography!



We meet at 8:30 am  for breakfast in Montebello  on Saturday,  October 4th. I will brief you in detail on our  plan of action and goals for our Conservation Photography Expedition, and this is also where we can get to know one another :). The first day we will explore and photograph locations in the Kenauk Nature area which I have identified together with the Nature Conservancy of Canada as promising for compelling conservation photography. The Nature Conservancy is looking for images not only of the landscape, but also of the local animals and plant species. As the day progresses we will identify the locations  for our sunset and sunrise shoots as well as for capturing the night sky.  As we explore and photograph this area together, I will give you in field instruction on how to best photograph your surroundings for nature conservation purposes. If we are not too far from Montebello, we will take lunch there, alternatively we will arrange for packed lunches.  Following our shoot of the night sky, we return to our hotel in Montebello for some well deserved rest. The following morning we depart before dawn to our sunrise location, which probably will be along the shoreline of a lake or among some wetlands, where we are likely to see a beautiful interplay between the morning autumn mists and the rising sun. Following our morning shoot, we have a full breakfast in Montebello, followed by a brief review of the images we have taken so far. This will guide us as to what images we are lacking or we perhaps could improve upon. We return to the Kenauk nature area and spend the remainder of the day exploring and photographing areas and natural features we have not seen so far, while keeping in mind the photographs the Nature Conservancy is looking for. Following our sunset shoot we return to Montebello for a well deserved dinner after two days of continual photography! This is where I will describe to you the next steps, such as reviewing our images and deciding which ones we want to submit to the Nature Conservancy. This will be done over two sessions in the weeks that follow our expedition. Our Conservation Photography Expedition ends after dinner on Sunday, October 5th. 



We will be staying at the quaint and intimate  Bed and Breakfast ” Le Petit Chateau”.


What to bring:

Digital SLR Camera

Memory cards and batteries


A set of lenses, preferably from wide-angle to telephoto


A laptop with installed Photoshop, or other editing software, would be useful

Head lamp for walking at dawn and dusk/night

Warm clothes – the mornings and evenings can get quite cold


Gear Boots or shoes for hiking