Fine Art Prints


We live in an age of digital media, of the temporary. Literature and art, reduced to bytes and bits, robbed of the tactility of canvas and paper, can be glossed over, tossed away with a key stroke or the swipe of a finger. A physical piece of art is eternal – it will grace the walls of your home or that of your loved one, inviting you to examine, ponder, imagine. It will be there every morning and every night, and every time it will ask you to give it the time and attention it deserves.

Your order will get my full personal attention, from preparing the photograph for print, through the printing process itself. In this way I have full control over the final appearance of the print, and can ensure that you receive nothing less than the highest quality product.

All prints are signed by me and are accompanied by a letter describing the image’s background. It is specifically addressed to you or, if you are giving the print away as a gift to that important person in your life,  I am more than happy to add a personal note, of your choosing, addressed to the recipient.

Please find below a sample of the images which can be ordered as prints. You can also browse my portfolio and do not hesitate to contact me if you find an  image that you would be interested in ordering as a print.

All prints are on either lustre or glossy  professional quality photographic paper. My prices are as follows:

  Size                                         Price                        Early Bird Discount (Until November 15th, 2014)

12 x 18                                        $ 130                                 $ 90
16 x 24                                        $ 200                                 $ 150
20 x 30                                        $ 270                                 $ 200
24 x 36                                        $ 375                                 $ 280


Please note that these prices do not include taxes or shipping/handling.


Please feel free to