Tours and Workshops

Join me on a fun, exhilarating and intense learning experience you are sure not to forget! Let me share with you the beautiful places this earth has to offer and teach you how to capture the beauty that surrounds you. My ultimate goal is to help you discover and develop your own photographic vision and I will equip you with the technical and creative skills for you to do so. Please find a list of workshops below the testimonials.


Thanks for an awesome trip. Visiting Africa and photographing  a safari was very high on my list of life goals, and you made the trip absolutely awesome, spectacular, educational, and fun! I can’t really say how memorable and enjoyable it was.  Jim Sinkovic – “Surreal”  Namibia Photography Tour

Really the workshop was even better than I could have hoped. Not just the great weather and surroundings and the choice spots you picked but your low key but still rigorous approach. I learned a ton! You struck the right balance between a variety of hands on work in the field, a great mixture of techniques and sharing your wealth of very practical and useful knowledge. Most of all I appreciated the shear joy you take in photography, it was totally infectious!  Don’t ever lose that —it’ll take you (and those you teach) far.  Marina Klein – “Algonquin Autumn Splendour”  Photography Workshop

The workshop in one word was “inspiring”. Your knowledge and passion for photography mixed with the fact that you want to share this with others made the workshop not only an amazing learning experience,  but left me with such an excitement and thirst to go out and shoot more and apply the lessons you had taught. I got so much more  from the workshop than I expected. The only thing I would have wished more from it, would have been more time. Troy Popovitch – “Absolute Best of the Canadian Rockies”  Photography Workshop

Two great gifts that you gave me at the workshop: a starting point, and the permission to be my own artist. Your diversity as an artist was inspiring. Your passion for creating was obvious. Your desire to teach others selflessly was apparent.  Kristen Thorogood – “Absolute Best of the Canadian Rockies”  Photography Workshop

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