Passionate nature photographer and photography tour leader

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am a professional landscape and wildlife photographer and my extensive work covers North America, South America, Africa and Greenland. It covers the entire breadth of landscapes, in all seasons. I seek clean, bold, unusual compositions and hope to infuse the viewer with a sense of excitement, wonder and contemplation.

I specialize in national and international photography workshops for groups and individuals.  I take great joy and pride in providing my participants with a highly effective, fun and memorable learning experience, while we explore together some of our planet’s most spectacular wild lands. Please feel free to read some of my testimonials here.

I have been honored in several of the world’s prestigious photography competitions, including the Memorial Maria Luisa Photography Awards, the International Conservation Photography Awards, the Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition, the International Photography Awards and the Epson Panorama Awards. I have had several cover articles published in one of Canada’s prestigious photography periodicals, Photolife, and its sister publication, Photosolution. I have also been published in Smithsonian Magazine and National Geographic Media.

If you have a request for a customized workshop or proposal for a joint venture, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Passionate nature photographer and photography tour leader


If I had to define true happiness, it would be what I feel when I climb on that crest and an expanse of mountains, forests and valleys unfolds before me, when I step out early and take that first deep breath, when the morning sun breaks through clouds and paints the land in intense, warm colors, when that salty ocean breeze first touches my face.

Nature fills me with awe, excitement and at the same time profound inner peace. And every time I feel a deep need to capture what I see. For myself, to remind myself of that brief moment of beauty and serenity, to save that moment from getting lost in the unceasing torrents of time, but also because I want to share it with those who haven’t witnessed. I have a passion for photography not only in trying to take compelling images, but mostly in portraying adequately the plentiful beauty close to home and especially in the remaining wild corners of this planet.

Beautiful light happens rarely, and it takes immense time, effort and of course luck to be blessed with the right light. This means hiking and driving many hours in the dark, be it in the early morning or after sunset, whether in biting cold or hot, humid environs. Rather than a burden to me, it fills me with a wonderful sense of excitement, and these are the times when I feel truly alive.

Passionate nature photographer and photography tour leader

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