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Shadow Light


Photography Tips & Photo School

In this article I describe one of the most beautiful types of light photographers can capture, which I call Shadow Light. It has defined my photographic vision of the world, and here I explain what shadow light is and how you can best capture it.
Shadow Light2021-05-13T20:04:10+02:00

Chasing the Light


We all remember those times when we were desperately trying to capture a fleeting moment of stunning light, only to realize that the light was gone by the time we took the image. Do you want some tips on how to avoid such frustration? I am excited to share with you my published cover article, which addresses how best to prepare for and capture beautiful light in your natural surroundings.

Chasing the Light2021-05-02T18:51:42+02:00

Effective Processing Tips


The internet is full of advanced, fancy software which vendors and photographers say will transform the quality of your final image. Do you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start with processing your images? Let me point you in the right direction with the few, simple processing tools I use for my images.

Effective Processing Tips2021-05-02T18:49:28+02:00

Composition Tips


In this article I give an introduction to the substantial and complex assortment of features and techniques that are employed in the creation of compelling and powerful images. I hope these will assist you on your path to becoming a master of the creative process!

Composition Tips2021-04-27T12:28:24+02:00

Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed!


Patagonia is unbridled wilderness. Where nature, primeval, pure, untamed, surrounds and touches every core of your being. There is no escaping it - vast glaciers and ice fields, pristine turquoise waters dotted by spectacularly shaped ice bergs over which tower soaring granite massifs, buffeting, screaming winds and awe inspiring rapidly changing cloud formations, which disappear as quickly as they first appeared. Please enjoy my collection of images, with descriptions, which I hope will convey to you the spectacular, raw wilderness that is Patagonia!

Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed!2021-07-23T18:03:00+02:00

Surreal Namibia


A land you never imagined could exist, Namibia, like no other, combines the spectacular, the endless, the surreal. Namibia is, in one word, otherworldly. Vast, ancient and extremely sparsely populated, it contains an unimaginable variety and combination of natural landscapes.

Surreal Namibia2021-04-04T18:50:00+02:00

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