Unforgettable Canadian Rockies!


A vast wilderness that needs little introduction, the Canadian Rockies are one of the most extravagantly beautiful mountain ranges on Earth and a landscape photographer’s dream. The opportunities for photography are endless, from still, turquoise colored lakes, rushing rivers, towering waterfalls and deep canyons, to soaring, snow capped mountain peaks and beautiful night skies. Please enjoy this series of images I captured during my travels to the Canadian Rockies!


A moment of true beauty – a moment that can manifest itself only in our priceless natural world. The Canadian Rockies on a beautiful, fresh, pristine autumn morning.

Radiating clouds reflect the last light of day onto beautiful Peyto Lake and surrounding mountains, in the Canadian Rockies. True to its name, the mountains of the Endless Chain Ridge seem to end at the edge of the world.

On a beautiful early summer morning in the Canadian Rockies, the first light of day dresses the mountains surrounding Vermillion lakes, while puffy clouds reflect in its still waters. Vermillion lakes has been photographed countless times, but there are always new photographic opportunities, waiting to be discovered.



On a cold September morning, mount Rundle emerges from the clouds just as the rising sun paints its peaks in beautiful warm light. It was one of those special mornings in the Canadian Rockies where everything came together.

An ever so short lived moment, during which the jagged, towering cliff faces of Castle Mountain in the Canadian Rockies manifest the infinite artistic potential of our natural world. Nature graces the photographer with these moments, often only momentarily, but in their beauty, in their dreamlike, evocative nature, they can be eternal. For a sense of scale, note the pine trees on the bottom left.



Glorious Sunburst Peak reflects in unusually calm Cerulean Lake in British Columbia’s breathtaking Assiniboine Provincial Park. Although Mount Assiniboine is the park’s namesake, I have found myself falling in love with Sunburst: An incredibly powerful and imposing mountain, rising straight out of Cerulean Lake, which manifests itself in all its beauty when it is dressed in intense golden light by the setting sun.


Golden larches reflect in the clear, still waters of a small lake in the spectacular Opabin Plateau, Yoho National Park.


There is an infinite potential to the mountain landscape. That special, oh so short lived moment, when clouds clear and unveil what lies behind can be deeply moving. The mountains of Canadian Rockies, covered in a fresh layer of snow, emerge from the clouds.



Moraine Lake counts as one of my favourite lakes in the Canadian Rockies. Its tranquil turquoise waters framed so elegantly by imposing mountains, surely must count as one of the most beautiful scenes in the world. I find it challenging to photograph, since I don’t like repeating compositions I have seen before. Although the overcast conditions were not what I had wished for, the streaming clouds in this long exposure gave some interesting structure to what otherwise would have been a bland sky. Moraine Lake once again came up with the goods.

The towering mountain faces of the Canadian Rockies emerge from the clouds and, for a short lived moment, nature manifests itself as art. The infinite artistic potential of nature is all around us. It is not always easy to see, or capture, but when you do, it will fill you with great joy.

Magnificent Mount Assiniboine lurks behind imposing Sunburst Peak as the sun breaks through a cloud bank and paints these giants in beautiful, intense golden light.

Intense Alpen Glow colors Canada’s spectaculary symmetrical Mt. Assiniboine, as the underlying rocks show through for a brief moment before the wind picks up again.


It literally took my breath away when I stepped on the ledge and saw this mind blowing landscape expand in front of me. The magnificent mountain ranges of Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies cradle three turquoise blue lakes illuminated in intensely colorful light as the setting sun colors low lying clouds. On the left side of this image, note the peak color golden larches bordering otherwise green pine forests. Not shown in this image, a magnificent water fall tumbles into the calm waters of the largest of these lakes, Lake O’Hara. No wonder they call this area the Crown Jewel of the Rockies!

A stunning rainbow is draws across a mountain face shortly after a summer rain shower. Always follow storms. They promise great light!

I visited tranquil Pyramid lake in the Canadian Rockies in the early morning hours, well before twilight broke, and captured the beautiful starry sky that this area is so well known for. Since there was no moon to illuminate the landscape, I waited for another hour to capture the landscape bathed in the dawn twilight. It is these moments , waiting for the right conditions, that I treasure so much: All alone in nature, with only my thoughts and the calls of the wild as my companions, life is at once mysterious, exciting and profound.


I hope this series of images gave you an idea of the wild beauty of this Canadian natural treasure. Of course, images can only convey that much, and I urge you to add the Canadian Rockies to the list of destinations you absolutely have to visit!



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