Greenland – The Last Frontier!

Greenland Photography Tour

Where:  Scoresby Sund, East Greenland – See it on a map here.

Level:  All Levels – Beginner to Advanced

Tour Leader: Christoph Fischer (photography) and expert nature guides

When:  August 30 – September 8, 2022  


Payable to Christoph Fischer: 1800 Canadian Dollars ( ~ 1400 USD, ~ 1150 Euros)

Payable to Boat Charter (North Sailing) : 6475 Euros  ( ~ 7800 USD, ~ 9900 CAD)

Deposit: 1400 Canadian Dollars

Our Greenland photography tour will take you to East Greenland’s awe inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful Scoresby Sund, our planet’s largest and most remote multi branch fjord system. Think majestic basalt mountains on one side and 2000 m high sheer granite cliffs rising straight out of the water on the other, glaciers snaking their way down mountains and huge icebergs dotting the fjord.  I have had the fortune of leading photography workshops in Scoresby Sund, and it counts as the most beautiful wilderness I have witnessed. The beauty and grandeur  is unmatched, and that means a lot, since I have had the fortune of photographing some of the world’s most awe inspiring natural treasures! We visit Scoresby Sund at a time of the year when the beautiful autumn colors of the tundra are expected to be at their peak, adding to the already breathtaking beauty of this vast and pristine wilderness.

East Greenland is probably the most isolated part of a country that is already exceptionally remote. Along the more than 20,000 kilometres of coastline there are only two towns and 5 small settlements, inhabited by no more than 3,500 people. Not only is this a remote, pristine wilderness of unmatched drama, but you also have the chance of seeing a number of animals, including the muskox , during walks on the tundra, and of course whales in the waters of the fjord! Not to mention the possibility of seeing polar bears, but from a distance, of course!

We sail on the schooner Opal, which is one of three beautiful, wooden schooners operated by North Sailing  during the months of July to September. These are the only months when enough of the surface ice has melted so that the fjord is accessible by boat. The Opal is powered by wind, if available, and a silent electric motor. For a video of the Opal, please visit this link. 

We fly on a chartered flight from Reykjavík, Iceland, to Constable Point in Scoresby Sund, from where we make our way to the Opal, waiting to take us on a 7 day journey into some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. Please feel free to  watch a video by North Sailing of their adventures in the Scoresby Sund . At the end of our journey, we make our way back to Constable point to catch our chartered flight back to Reykjavik.

Day 1, August 30, 2022: I very much look forward to welcoming you to Iceland, and the beginning of our adventure into the awe inspiring wilderness of East Greenland’s Scoresby Sund! We meet for a welcome dinner and a chance to get to know one another. This will be the opportunity for me to give you a warm, hearty welcome to our Greenland photography tour and to brief you on the amazing adventure that lies ahead. It also will be your opportunity to taste the exquisitely prepared Icelandic seafood that Reykjavik is so well known for!

Day 2, August 31, 2022:  This is the day when we get to see Greenland and the first day of our unforgettable arctic adventure! Our aircraft departs Reykjavík for a flight to Constable Point in East Greenland, a small airfield west of Hurry Inlet in Jameson Land. We board the Opal, our new home for the next 7 days in  Scoresby Sund. After a safety briefing by the crew, we sail towards the village of Ittoqqortoormiit, which we lovingly call the town of too many letters!  Ittoqqortoormiit is one of the most isolated villages in the world, and we have time for a brief visit and perhaps to interact with the friendly locals. This will also be your chance to buy a souvenir, to stroll around and experience the tranquility associated with the town’s remoteness, and there is a small museum nearby where you can learn more about the history of this unique part of the world.

Day 3, September 1, 2022: We sail west between palaces of icebergs that gently drift under the influence of the currents in the arctic waters after calving from the parent glaciers originating in the inland ice. This is where you will wonder in awe at your first sight of the towering cliff faces of Scoresby Sund as we approach  Hekla Havn, on Denmark Ø, where we will anchor for the night. There are beautiful sunrise and sunset photography opportunities here, and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Day 4, September 2, 2022: After our sunrise session, we continue to sail west through the narrow Føhnfjord with the majestic basalt mountains of Gåseland on the port side and 2000 meters high sheer granite cliffs of Milne Land on the starboard side. We will visit the unique and beautiful Red Island, located right next to “iceberg valley” and you will quickly see that it is a well deserved name! We may decide to anchor here, so that you have the opportunity to photograph sunrise and sunset from the heights of Red Island, as it colors a vast sea of huge icebergs, bordering on towering mountains and distant glaciers. The views here are out of this world, and I can’t wait to show you!

Day 5, September 3, 2022: Following our morning photography session, we continue to sail north through one of my favourite sections of Scoresby Sund, the Rødefjord, which is often filled with both larger icebergs and crackling, glittering ice fragments from icebergs that are breaking up. These are the icebergs you will have seen from the heights of Red Island. We  arrive in Harefjord where we set anchor. As we approach Harefjord, you will catch to your right your first glimpse of what absolutely must be the world’s most spectacular and dramatic fjord, the Øfjord.

The area around Harefjord is wonderful for hikes, and we have the chance to capture muskoxen, snow hares, grouse, geese and other wildlife, which normally graze on the south-facing slopes. Those of us who have the energy may want to hike to the top of a ridge with a truly breathtaking view over Harefjord, where the terrain drops down on each side and the glacier tongues descend into the sea.

Day 6, September 4, 2022: This is the absolute highlight of our adventure: We sail eastwards through the awesome Øfjord, unquestionably the most spectacular area we have the privilege of viewing during this trip. Unbelievable mountain peaks and granite walls tower with 2000 meters elevation gains above you. It is an indescribably beautiful and awe inspiring area!

There may be a  sea breeze in the Øfjord which would allow us to set sails. We set anchor in Jyttes Havn, part of the beautiful Bear Islands, in the late afternoon.

Day 7, September 5, 2022: The day is spent hiking in and around Jyttes Havn in Bear Islands as this is possibly one of the nicest and most picturesque anchorages in Scoresby Sund. There are great locations for sunrise and sunset photography here, and this also happens to be an area where the tundra colors are particularly beautiful. There are two options of a longer or shorter hike in the Bear Islands, or on the northernmost tip of Milne Land, a short zodiac ride away.

Day 8, September 6, 2022:  After our morning session. we sail the channel between the Bear Islands and Milne Land with a breathtaking view of the spectacular archipelago. As we sail into the last evening and night of the trip, it is likely that we‘ll be experiencing sights of the largest and the most fascinating icebergs of the journey. This provides a fantastic opportunity for photographs of the majestic and impressive icebergs that are often found in this particular area. When we wake up the next morning, we are anchored at the airstrip in Constable Point.

Day 9, September 7, 2022:  Our adventure is over all too soon and we enjoy our last breakfast on board. We disembark our boat for the last time and board the aircraft in Constable Point to fly back to Reykjavík, Iceland. Once we are back in our hotel in Reykjavik, it is time to got out for our final celebratory dinner where, in the company of newly found friends, we look back at our unforgettable adventure which is over much too soon!

Day 10, September 8, 2022:  It will be both a joyous and sad time as we bid each other farewell over our last breakfast together. I will be available for our last one on one review sessions, to answer any remaining questions you may have, or simply to enjoy a last drink together. All good things have to come to an end!

My goal is for you to come away with great images which portray the beauty and unique nature of this incredible part of the world. I will take you to all the locations I have identified as the most promising for rewarding photography and we will visit these only when the quality of light is most conducive for compelling images. As you photograph, I will give you dedicated in the field instruction on all aspects of photography, ranging from the technical to the creative.  Although we will be spending as much time as possible photographing, it is important to balance this with presentations, review sessions, and processing sessions so that, as our tour progresses, you have the opportunity to appraise the photographic progress you are making, and identify those areas which need more work. I will be putting much emphasis on the creative aspects of photography such as composition and developing a vision. Another area we will be focusing on is processing and developing a workflow, which forms a very important part of photography.

Topics to be covered:

Getting the technicals right to capture the full beauty of light interacting with the landscape:

1. Exposure and exposure bracketing
2. Focus, depth of field and sharpness
3. Use of filters, especially the polarizer

Previsualisation and composition
Developing an artistic vision
The digital darkroom: Highly effective postprocessing skills

Our Greenland photography tour offers you all of this and more while you have the opportunity to photograph in one of the most extravagantly beautiful, pristine and majestic wildernesses on earth!

  • Seven days of sailing through Scoresby Sund on our chartered boat, the schooner Opal, under the guidance of a team of experienced sailors and nature guides.

  • Delicious meals  and accommodation while on board.

  • Charter flights between Iceland and Greenland.

  • Hands on, dedicated, one on one photography instruction. I don’t wait for you to come ask me questions, instead I continuously engage with you, to make sure you achieve the best possible photographs.

  • Program of review sessions, lectures and processing sessions so that you have the opportunity to appraise the photographic progress you are making, and identify those areas which need more work.

What is not included:

  • Flights to and from Iceland.

  • Accommodation or food in Iceland before or after the trip.

Thank you so much for your interest in our “Greenland – The Last Frontier!” photography expedition. I very much look forward to showing you the best that this pristine and awe inspiring arctic wilderness of rugged, towering cliff faces lining huge fjords, dotted by  giant, beautifully sculptured icebergs which have broken off  giant glaciers, has to offer!

To register, or for more information, please contact me at this link or send me an E-mail at

In order to reserve your spot, a deposit of 1400 Canadian Dollars (~ 1125 US Dollars) is kindly requested. Full payment of the remaining balance is due by 90 days before tour begin.

Cancellation more than 120 days before tour begin: Full refund.

Cancellation less than 120 but more than 90 days before tour begin: No deposit refund, unless someone fills your spot.

Cancellation less than 90 days before tour begin: No refund of deposit and final payment, unless someone fills your spot.