Greenland – The Jewel of the Arctic!


Greenland always has been a land of great mystery to me. A vast arctic wilderness, home to spectacular scenery and natural treasures, too far away and out of reach, only accessible to explorers. East Greenland is even more remote than most parts of Greenland, but it is home to one of our planet’s most spectacular natural wonders: The awe inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful Scoresby Sund, our planet’s largest and most remote multi branch fjord system. Think majestic basalt mountains on one side and 2000 m high sheer granite cliffs rising straight out of the water on the other, glaciers snaking their way down mountains and huge icebergs dotting the fjord. Scoresby Sund is the most beautiful wilderness I have witnessed, and that means a lot, since I have had the fortune of photographing some of the world’s most awe inspiring natural treasures! Please enjoy a selection of images I have taken, and I hope they portray the immense beauty and grandeur of this pristine arctic wilderness. All of these images were taken at locations to which I take my workshop participants during our annual “Greenland – The Last Frontier!” photography expeditions. I hope you enjoy!


A distant world of awe inspiring, rugged mountains and cliffs, towering by as much as 2 km (1.3 miles) above the waters of the Scoresby Sund!

Scoresby Sund is home to jaw dropping mountain scenery, it is the Patagonia of the northern hemisphere! The elevation gains are heart stopping, with gigantic cliff faces and mountains towering right above the waters of the fjord.


In East Greenland’s awe inspiring Scoresby Sund, a distant world of gigantic cliffs emerges from bands of clearing clouds, dwarfing huge nearby icebergs, some of them more than 30 metres high. The light at the extreme northern latitudes of Greenland behaves very differently to what we are used to. Note the tinge of red in the bands of clouds, even though it was the middle of the day!


The first light of day burns red on the jagged, dramatic ridges of one of O-Fjords most iconic peaks. The scales here are astounding and awe inspiring. O-Fjord  counts as the highlight among the countless, amazing beauties of  Scoresby Sund.



The awe inspiring Grundtvigskirken peak dwarfs a giant ice berg at its base. During our voyage through the unforgettable O-fjord , we were bombarded with one breathtaking view after the other. It was one of the most memorable days in my life, an absolute privilege to have been able to witness it.


A sail boat emerges from the shadow of a towering cliff face as it makes its way through the outer limits of the O-Fjord. I hope this image conveys the incredible scales of this wild place!


Can you spot our boat? It is to the right of the large iceberg in the bottom left side of the image. As we went on a hike our captain steered the boat around a tongue of land to catch us on the other side. An astoundingly beautiful moment, as our boat disappeared into the silver, glistening waters.


Towering cliff faces dwarf giant icebergs at their base as they are painted red by first rays of the rising sun.


It was the first day of our voyage into the Scoresby Sund, and we were already blessed with stunning light as distant mountains were enveloped by the dramatic remnants of the setting sun.


A magical world of ice, light and colors!

Scoresby Sund is not all about towering, rugged mountains and cliffs, it is also a world of ice, in all shapes and sizes, a glittering, magical world of light, color and contrasts.


The last light of day glistens on the edges of nearby icebergs framing a distant giant, itself surrounded by a sea of glittering ice. It was getting late during our adventure , and our captain decided to spend the night here: In the middle of a sea of still, calm water, surrounded by uncountably many icebergs, all of it framed by giant mountain ranges. It was a day we will never forget.


A beautifully shaped iceberg is framed by the burning morning light on a distant mountain range in Greenland’s Scoresby Sund. One of our most memorable moments, as we were floating in perfectly calm waters, surrounded by a sea of ice bergs and distant mountain ranges.



It is at the base of icebergs where the magic happens. The deep blues of a small berg reflect in wondrous pastel tones off the gently undulating surrounding waters of Scoresby Sund. ⁠


A deep blue iceberg seems to glow from within as it is illuminated by the late afternoon sun, while glittering ice fragments float within its soft reflections.


During a brief, short lived moment, distant icebergs and mountain ranges are dressed in some of the most beautiful pastel colors I have seen.⁠



Blue fragments of ice  float in intense golden waters during the most memorable morning of our adventure, as our boat glided gently through an infinite sea of ice and calm waters.


Wherever we went , we were always in the presence of glaciers and ice. The early morning rays catch the peaks of distant mountains, framing a vast glacier as it winds its way into into the waters of Scoresby Sund


The light in Greenland is astoundingly intense and colorful. A sea of giant icebergs contrasts against distant, towering cliffs dressed in the burning light of the setting sun.


We were surprised and delighted to find these birds, beautifully positioned on a deep blue iceberg as the last light of day turned the sky pastel. It seems there is no place on earth too hostile for life!


Scoresby Sund is not entirely unpopulated. There is a small settlement, Ittoqqortoormiit, at the entrance of the Sund and its brightly colorful houses greet weary travels as they reach Greenland from the ocean or return from their voyage deep into the Scoresby Sund. We lovingly call it the town of too many letters!


Our home for 7 unforgettable days in the Scoresby Sund, the most beautiful wilderness I have seen. It was an adventure that will  stay with us forever!


I hope this series of images gives you an idea of the awe inspiring grandeur and beauty of East Greenland’s wild and pristine Scoresby Sund!  I have so many more images I could share with you, but I don’t want to take more of your time!


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