Photography Tour Testimonials

  • As a longtime photography enthusiast, with significant experience attending workshops and tours around the world, I can say with confidence that travelling with Christoph ranks with the absolute best. He brings a potent combination of technical savvy and creativity to his work, and this is expressed in a powerful photographic vision. All of this is delivered with remarkable energy and good humour, and his attention to the needs of his clients is unparalleled. His choice of locations is inspired, and the infrastructure components of the trip (lodging, food, transportation) are first rate. I endorse his workshops without reservation, and very much look forward to travelling with him again. Michael Gaudet – “Surreal Namibia”

Photography Tour Testimonials

  • Christoph is not just an amazing photographer, but he is a wonderful and inspiring teacher and an extraordinary tour leader. His trip to Namibia was one of the best photographic experiences I have ever had. I learned so much from Christoph about how to see the landscape, how to use different focus methods and how to get the best out of my camera – as well as seeing so may different parts of Namibia – Wildlife, night skies, deserts, towns, sand dunes……The trip was amazing and Christoph was so generous in helping us all get the best shots possible by ensuring he was always on hand to help, and making sure we were at the right place at the right time in terms of the light. He was brilliantly organised and every detail had been thought through – even down to checking what types of tea, coffee and chocolate we liked! In addition to the photography support, he shared some really helpful presentations with us, giving us good insights into developing photographic techniques. The trip was wonderful and I came home, not just with many wonderful photos of The Milky Way, wildlife and wonderful landscapes, but with increased knowledge about my camera and photography in general. I felt in safe hands at all times, and so enjoyed his company. The quality of our accommodation and all our meals were also exceptional. Christoph is one of those rare photographic leaders who go the extra mile – or miles in his case! I cannot recommend him highly enough. Joyce Rothschild – “Surreal Namibia”

Photography Tour Testimonials

  • I am writing to express to you my sincere gratitude for your excellent leadership in organizing and executing the Patagonia trip. I was very impressed by your professionalism and by your attention to the most minute details to make the trip a total success .
    In looking back I must say that on many occasions you did above and beyond what a leader of an adult group had to do….
    As you know, not being a youngster, I had some doubts about the hiking portion of the trip but with your encouragement and explanation it worked out beyond my expectations and I consider this trip to be one of the highlights of my travel experience.  Samuel Lewinshtein – “Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed”


  • Christoph, how can I ever thank you for this trip of a lifetime? Patagonia has been a dream of mine for over ten years, and your photo tour brought that dream to life in extraordinary ways. The magic of this seventeen day excursion lies not only in the awesome vistas, but in your familiarity with the many possible photo-ops. Your preparation and professionalism made the logistics of travel seamless and enjoyable, while your good nature and guidance got us to the right places at the right times to capture the best light on the landscape. I am so thankful that I took the camping extension which not only brought me deep into the mountains, but also gave me added opportunity to hone the skills and techniques that you had taught us. I learned a tremendous amount, honed my photographic skills, and captured many awe-inspiring images–more so than in all five of my previous photo workshops combined. Mark Howenstein – “Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed”


  • I had the great fortune to join Christoph on one of his workshops in Lake Louise Canada. I was so impressed on many different fronts. There were 6 in our group ranging from beginners to fairly advanced photographers with years of experience. Being a newer addition to the digital photography world, I was concerned that my learning curve would be too large to work with in such a diverse group. Boy was I wrong, Christoph’s patience and sharing of knowledge was always readily available and generously given. It was also remarkable to see him add such value to the very experienced shooters also. I feel they were getting as much benefit out of Christoph’s knowledge as I was. I can not recommend Christoph’s workshops enough. He is a caring, skilled and generous individual who take great joy in helping others. I can’t wait until my next workshop with him. John Chatham – “Best of the Canadian Rockies”

Photography Tour Testimonials

  • I want to thank you, without any reservation, as to the way you organized every part of the Namibia trip. It exceeded my every expectation and the memories (and images) will last a lifetime. As I have reflected on the time together, and the information/approach you imparted on us, what comes to the forefront, from a photographic perspective, is how I am so much more aware of light…the quality; how it plays on surfaces; and the importance, along with composition, to make it an essential part of the image….oh, and to use a polarizing filter :-)
    It is my sincere hope that we see each other, in person, again, I simply cannot overemphasize how spectacular my experience was with you and how flawlessly you organized this Namibia trip so that we got the most possible out of the experience.  Jeffrey Bleaman – “Surreal Namibia”


  • Really the workshop was even better than I could have hoped. Not just the great weather and surroundings and the choice spots you picked but your low key but still rigorous approach. I learned a ton! You struck the right balance between a variety of hands on work in the field, a great mixture of techniques and sharing your wealth of very practical and useful knowledge. Most of all I appreciated the shear joy you take in photography, it was totally infectious! Don’t ever lose that; it’ll take you (and those you teach) far.  Marina Klein – “Algonquin Autumn Splendour”

Photography Tour Testimonials

  • Whilst now it has been, surprisingly, more than 2 months since accompanying you on the April 2019 “Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed” workshop, whilst life goes on I find I am constantly drawn to daydreaming about the wonderful tour you hosted and the incredible vistas we captured.
    I wanted to record my thanks for your obvious passion and dedication to ensuring the tour went as smoothly as it did. From the day-to-day itinerary right down to the workshop sessions during the quieter points I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect where there was almost nothing for me to have to worry about (other then remember to bring my beanie or which best-lens to pack that day – just bring them all!). The accommodation was first-class which also surprised me as this was deepest, darkest Patagonia and I was “delighted” to find I actually put on weight on a tour of this sort, no doubt “un-assisted” mainly from my bad habit in savouring from the variety of local craft beers that were on offer each day.
    This was my first-ever photography trip. It certainly whetted my appetite for more and I very much hope to join you again in coming times to visit some of the other exotic locations you have on offer.  Phil Cuthbert – “Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed”

Photography Tour Testimonials

  • Namibia is an amazing country but seeing it with Christoph’s guidance and support made it absolutely awesome! Not just because of his camera skills and his vision and creativity, but also his attention to the everyday details such as what and where to eat and booking the best accommodation, closest to where we needed to be to catch the light at the right time. This forward planning included using the very best local guides having the best access to some of the protected sites at times before or after other photographers appeared. Christoph’s generosity with his knowledge and skills inspired us to create the best images we could possibly achieve. His kindness and caring nature, however, was the factor that tipped the scales making this just the most wonderful, unforgettable experience. Linda Wilson – “Surreal Namibia”

Photography Tour Testimonials

  • This photography adventure with Christoph and Shapaka exceeded my expectations in every way! The beauty of Namibia is surreal, vast and unspoiled! The landscapes that we visited were uniquely breathtaking! Christoph knew the best places and times to visit each place to get the best light. The glow and colors of the Namibian sunrise/sunset will stay with you forever! Dreamy!! Christoph is an amazing teacher with a passion for the art of photography. I am a beginner in photography and Christoph met and challenged me at my level. He was endlessly patient and encouraging despite my many camera and beginner issues! The places that we stayed were unique, comfortable and high quality. Christoph and Shapaka made sure we were always well cared for! I have nothing but accolades for these two gentleman and this adventure! ” Sandy Vigh – “Surreal Namibia”


  • I can say it was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life. There are no words to describe how awesome it was! So thank you, for the experience of my lifetime. The people, the memories, the scenes and the fun we had.  Sergio Rodriguez – “Best of the Canadian Rockies”


  • What an absolute delight. This was my third workshop with you and each time I have the pleasure of spending time with you, I learn more and more and your passion and enthusiasm is simply infectious – quite wonderful. You know all the great spots which have the potential to capture amazing images. THANK YOU.  Jeffrey Bleaman – “Best of the Canadian Rockies”


  • My adventure in Surreal Namibia far exceeded my expectations which were high. Thank you, Christoph, and Shapaka for leading me to such a beautiful, diverse and vast world and teaching me so much! You made sure we were very well cared for and attended to all our individual needs at the same time challenging us to go that extra mile for those magic moments! We also had so much fun and laughter together as a small group. The accommodations and food were first class, we were treated like kings and queens. I have learned so much about Namibia as Shapaka and the other guides were all very knowledgeable about the culture, peoples, animals, geography, and history and easily and happily answered all our many questions. As for the photography, it was unbeatable. Besides the jaw dropping scenery, Christoph’s teachings showed me a new way to look at the world, to appreciate light, texture, composition as well as the technical side and how to use the camera as a tool to capture those fleeting moments. You have helped to take my photography to the next level. Thank you, thank you!  Debra Ceravolo – “Surreal Namibia”


  • Thank you for the most memorable photographic trip to Namibia. Every aspect of the trip exceeded my expectations (as you’ll remember I’m a hard man to please!); accommodation, food, locations, travel, company, tuition, advice and guidance and much more were all excellent.
    Your photographic enthusiasm was inspirational and infectious – I even found myself (and the others) using your terminology towards the end e.g. glow, patterns, texture and “are you using your polariser?”; you certainly made me look at subjects in a different manner, something that I will always treasure. The only downside was that it had to end! I can’t thank you enough for the experience and have recommended you to some of my friends and I hope to join you on at least another trip.  David Hucker – “Surreal Namibia”


  • Far better than I could have imagined. I can’t wait until the next! Great instruction from Christoph – and a fantastic group!!  Susan Sheen – “Algonquin Autumn Splendour”


  • Thank you for an absolutely fabulous photo workshop in deepest Namibia, it was just fantastic. I’m going to apologise right now for all my grumbling about the early mornings, it was just what I needed to start me on sunrise shots that I have been too lazy to do on my own. I cannot fault the care with which you have prepared each part of the tour, from meeting us at the airport to the best accommodation nearest to the stops on our adventure. The food was better than I expected at every spot we landed in plus the choices and portions were generous. I definitely put on weight. I admired your persistence in working with me to extract a better outcome from my previous thinking of what was important before I pressed the button to take the shot. The in-house workshop on the computer was a great step forward for me to understand the features of my model camera like DOF and relevant ISO. Thanks so much for this help.
    I commend you on your attention to detail, from the timing at the start off the day (cringe), to the pickup and packing of the baggage, the traveling, food stops, unpacking at the other end, getting our rooms, feeding us, and planning the next photo shoot, it was just amazing. I loved it.  Denis Pennington– “Surreal Namibia”


  • The workshop in one word was “inspiring”. Your knowledge and passion for photography mixed with the fact that you want to share this with others made the workshop not only an amazing learning experience, but left me with such an excitement and thirst to go out and shoot more and apply the lessons you had taught. I got so much more from the workshop than I expected. The only thing I would have wished more from it, would have been more time.  Troy Popovitch – “Best of the Canadian Rockies”


  • Christoph, I want to thank you, more than you can imagine, for leading us on this remarkable Patagonia workshop. It was a flawless experience heightened by your enthusiasm, your dedication to our improving our photographic skills, and your taking us to breathtaking locations that superseded any expectation I could possibly have imagined.
    Thank you for organizing and leading this wonderful Patagonia adventure. Your talent and enthusiasm are both inspiring and infectious.  Jeffrey Bleaman – “Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed”

Photography Tour Testimonials

  • Thanks for an awesome trip. Visiting Africa and photographing a safari was very high on my list of life goals, and you made the trip absolutely awesome, spectacular, educational, and fun! I can’t really say how memorable and enjoyable it was.  Jim Sinkovic – “Surreal Namibia”


  • I recently attended Christoph’s Algonquin Park workshop.  I am very much an amateur photographer and was worried this workshop might be too advanced for me, but Christoph reassured me that he welcomed all levels of experience and  he was good on his word.  I learned a tremendous lot and had a tonne of fun doing it in an incredibly beautiful setting!  Christoph is an inspiring and empowering teacher who encouraged each of us to grow our potential!  I would encourage anyone who loves photography to go on one of his adventures.  Roberta Kay – “Algonquin Autumn Splendour”

Photography Tour Testimonials

  • The 11 days I spent with you and the group was a once in a lifetime memorable experience which included great photography, challenging adventure, breathtaking landscape and most importantly the camaraderie with you and the group. This is coming from someone who has extensively travelled the globe. I was the oldest person in the group and all of you went out of your way to physically assist me, for which I will be eternally grateful. Your guidance in the photography aspect was invaluable and I could capture some spectacular images which have been greatly admired by my friends. Thank you my dear friend.  Ashfaque Azad – “Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed” 


  • Two great gifts that you gave me at the workshop: a starting point, and the permission to be my own artist. Your diversity as an artist was inspiring. Your passion for creating was obvious. Your desire to teach others selflessly was apparent.  Kristen Thorogood – “Best of the Canadian Rockies”


  • Thanks very much for this mind blowing adventure – a true explosion of sights. We want to thank you for making our photography trip a great success from A to Z. Everything was perfect; great company, wonderful accommodations but most we appreciate your professionalism. Thank you again for the unforgettable adventure in Namibia.  Simon Dadouche and Marie Lamarche – “Surreal Namibia”


  • This tour was so much more than I expected. Christoph, you are a true teacher and had the patience to take up with us every day, sometimes teaching the same topic for several days for the same or different participants. And you listened to my wishes taking such an unusual long trip with a full day adventure in the dunes. I truly appreciate it and will not forget silence, sun and wind on top of the dunes. Shapaka, I have to thank you too for including me in your family, your constant good mood and all the things you learned us from the bugs, to the night sky and helping us and Christoph all the time. We did see how flawless and well organized everything was and appreciated it silently, although maybe not always expressed it loudly how thankful we are having you with us. Now it is my time to say to you Thank You! Christoph, thanks you for your constant teaching along the way, I’m so much more aware of light, layers, impact of the polarizer filter… although for my personal style, I still like to have a tree or a person or an animal with the layers. The workshop made me realize a bit of my personal style: my preference to contrasts, minimalistic shots and the wish to have a feeling, an emotion or funniness in the pictures  I take. And all this after only 16 days with you.

My sincere hope is to see each other again, maybe another workshop or just bumping into each other in some remote part of the world, both options make me smile. If you are somehow, somewhere in Europe let me know, since I would love to show you parts of my word, just as you showed me your country and your vision. Agota Kadar – “Surreal Namibia”


  • Traveling through Patagonia with Christoph, our tireless and enthusiastic guide, was an experience to remember for a lifetime. We were guided to stunning vistas of jagged peaks reflected in pristine mountain lakes, at times with the Alpenglow setting “fire” to the scene. From both boats and walkways we enjoyed Perito Moreno, a huge active glacier, and experienced the calving of spectacular blue icebergs.  Wildlife and birds were plentiful. And as if all this scenery and wildlife was not enough, the days ended with good food in some interesting restaurant settings fulfilling the cultural experience. I highly recommend the camping add-on for a great hike through fall colours to Cerro Torres – simply amazing! Mike Perkins – “Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed”


  • Thank you very much for yet another beautiful destination. As usual, your passion and dedication and willingness to share your knowledge is unbounded. I look forward to joining you in another mind blowing adventure!!!  Simon Dadouche – “Best of the Canadian Rockies”


  • Thank you for the time of my life!!!  Carol McKeenan – “Best of the Canadian Rockies”


  • This workshop was AWESOME and a great experience. The photographic opportunities were unbelievable and I was thrilled to have participated. Everything was well organized from logistics, accommodations and food. Christoph is a very passionate photographer, who can spot opportunities in the most adverse of conditions.  Simon Dadouche – “Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed”


  • I recently took a Workshop with Christoph Fischer, who is a well-known landscape photographer, to Namibia, Africa. For me, it was the trip of a lifetime. I’ve enjoyed photography for many years, and driven my family crazy, always looking through a camera lens when I am with them – they find me unsociable.
    For two weeks all we did, from one to two hours before dawn and after, was take photographs. The same before and after sunset too. The light was amazing, the views incredible. And I learned a lot.
    Christoph is an amazing photographer, fun to be with, always smiling and laughing at us, even when we would go off the path to photograph birds instead of the landscape!
    It was an incredible trip – I shall never see sights like that again, I know. I felt privileged to be there and cannot thank Christoph enough for all he taught me.  Jean Ambrosi – “Surreal Namibia”


  • I partook in two back to back photography workshops in the beautiful and stunning Canadian Rockies. It was in these workshops that I met some wonderful and inspirational human beings. They were extremely encouraging and supportive of me and my work, which truly meant so much and gave me that confidence boost to continue working towards my goal and my vision. I honestly can say it is the best trip I have ever taken. I have always loved nature and the outdoors, but it was during this trip in which I fell in love with it. I was able to witness the most magical and unreal sunrises and sunsets. Pauline Wong – “Best of the Canadian Rockies”


  • It’s my pleasure to offer a hearty affirmation for Christoph Fisher’s “Surreal Namibia” photo workshop. My wife and I have participated in numerous workshops in the past decade or so, at various spots across the globe. This was our sixth trip to Africa. I would say that Christoph’s workshop was one of the best experiences of its kind we have had. The workshop was well organized with careful attention to details such as snacks, water, nature breaks and meals. Photo sites and lodgings chosen were simply excellent. Our good-humored driver and guide, Shapaka, was a fountain of information about the country, culture and wildlife. He has personal contacts everywhere. No-hassle accommodations were made for any physical limitations of participants. We gained valuable new photo techniques and information. Christoph is a natural educator, familiar with Namibia and photography there. In sum, I enthusiastically recommend Fischer’s Surreal Namibia to any fellow photographers interested in exposure to that unique African land. John Franz – “Surreal Namibia”


  • This tour was the opportunity of a lifetime! Namibia proved to be a land of fantastic landscapes and light, with many unique photographic opportunities. Christoph has boundless energy and enthusiasm for photography. He brought us to some very unique locations to share his way of seeing the landscape, pushing us outside of our comfort zones to look at things differently. Be prepared for lots of long distances – it is a big country – and have lots of patience to wait for the right light… but it will be worthwhile! You will come away with some unforgettable imagery. Martha Cox – “Surreal Namibia”


  • I want to express again how satisfied I was with the weekend. Great mix of practical field work and technical shop talk. You have a great style in both photography and teaching.  Jim Sinkovic – “Algonquin Autumn Splendour”


  • I had a great time. Christoph is not only a great photographer, but he also knew exactly when to time the outing to make it right at the peak of the fall foliage. The nature was just amazing, and we took amazing shots. Can’t wait until his next event.  Ziad Azzi – “Algonquin Autumn Splendour”