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Please enjoy my series of instructional articles on various aspects of photography, as well as report backs on our photography adventures to some our world's most spectacular wildernesses!

15 Tips for Stunning Mountain Photography!

Have you ever wondered how best to capture the endless splendour and drama of the world of mountains? I am excited to share with you 15 quick tips that I hope will set you on the right path!

Tips for Winter Photography

I am excited to share with you my tips for winter photography, based on several years experience of capturing the frozen, flat winter landscape of Canada's Lake Ontario!

Tips for Powerful Wide Angle Compositions

The wide angle lens is probably the most often used, but also misused, lens in landscape photography. It is a powerful lens, as long as it is used with forethought and for the right scenes. In this article I share with you useful tips for composing powerful wide angle images, and I hope it encourages you to go out there and capture the beauty!

Line as a Compositional Element

I am excited to share with you an excerpt from my new eBook "The Art of Nature Photography", where I discuss in detail the art of composition and the principles of aesthetics. In this excerpt I discuss LINE as a compositional element. Line is one of the formal elements that make up every image, the others being shape, patterns, form, texture, color and tonalities.

The Telephoto for Landscape Photography

In this article I explain why the telephoto lens is my favourite lens for landscape photography and why it is such an important lens to take your photography to the next level!

Balance in Composition

Balance evokes a sense of stability in the viewer. It avoids the tension the viewer feels when he/she notices that the image is, for example, too heavy on one side.

Shapes in Composition

We may not be conscious of it, but we perceive shapes in all our visual interactions with the world. To be clear, a shape is a two dimensional object with a boundary, such as a square, circle or triangle. Since shape is two dimensional, we are most aware of shape in two dimensional visual media such as photographs and paintings....

The Beauty in Simplicity

There is true beauty in simplicity and in this article I give you three quick tips for creating images which are evocative and compelling not only in what they include, but also in what they exclude.

Your Creative Journey: The Importance of Guidelines

Photography opens a world of endless possibilities. However, there also lies the danger, since it is easy to get distracted from following the path to a full expression of your photographic vision. In this article, I describe 5 important guidelines which will ensure that you do not lose your path to a powerful expression of your photographic vision.

Shadow Light

Photography Tips & Photo School

In this article I describe one of the most beautiful types of light photographers can capture, which I call Shadow Light. It has defined my photographic vision of the world, and here I explain what shadow light is and how you can best capture it.

The Story Behind the Image

In this post I tell the story behind selected images from my portfolio. In particular, I share with you the approach and the technique that went into making each image.

Chasing the Light

We all remember those times when we were desperately trying to capture a fleeting moment of stunning light, only to realize that the light was gone by the time we took the image. Do you want some tips on how to avoid such frustration? I am excited to share with you my published cover article, which addresses how best to prepare for and capture beautiful light in your natural surroundings.

Effective Processing Tips

The internet is full of advanced, fancy software which vendors and photographers say will transform the quality of your final image. Do you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start with processing your images? Let me point you in the right direction with the few, simple processing tools I use for my images.

Composition Tips

In this article I give an introduction to the substantial and complex assortment of techniques that can be employed to create compelling compositions. I hope these will assist you on your path to becoming a master of the creative process!

Patagonia – Wilderness Untamed!

Patagonia is unbridled wilderness. Where nature, primeval, pure, untamed, surrounds and touches every core of your being. There is no escaping it - vast glaciers and ice fields, pristine turquoise waters dotted by spectacularly shaped ice bergs over which tower soaring granite massifs, buffeting, screaming winds and awe inspiring rapidly changing cloud formations, which disappear as quickly as they first appeared. Please enjoy my collection of images, with descriptions, which I hope will convey to you the spectacular, raw wilderness that is Patagonia!

Surreal Namibia

A land you never imagined could exist, Namibia, like no other, combines the spectacular, the endless, the surreal. Namibia is, in one word, otherworldly. Vast, ancient and extremely sparsely populated, it contains an unimaginable variety and combination of natural landscapes.

Unforgettable Canadian Rockies

A vast wilderness that needs little introduction, the Canadian Rockies are one of the most extravagantly beautiful mountain ranges on Earth and a landscape photographer's dream. The opportunities for photography are endless, from still, turquoise colored lakes, rushing rivers, towering waterfalls and deep canyons, to soaring, snow capped mountain peaks and beautiful night skies. Please enjoy this series of images I captured during my travels to the Canadian Rockies!


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I am a professional landscape and wildlife photographer and my extensive work covers North America, South America, Africa and Greenland. It covers the entire breadth of landscapes, in all seasons. I seek clean, bold, unusual compositions and hope to infuse the viewer with a sense of excitement



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